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本文摘要:A new smart bin could spell the end of environment-conscious families spending hours sorting tins, cartons, bottles, and cardboard for recycling.一款新式“智能垃圾桶”即将面世,有环境保护意识的家中好长时间无须花上好多个钟头把锡陶罐、店内盒、玻璃瓶和纸板箱等垃圾进行归类了。


A new smart bin could spell the end of environment-conscious families spending hours sorting tins, cartons, bottles, and cardboard for recycling.一款新式“智能垃圾桶”即将面世,有环境保护意识的家中好长时间无须花上好多个钟头把锡陶罐、店内盒、玻璃瓶和纸板箱等垃圾进行归类了。The invention, which automatically sorts rubbish into recycling categories, is being trialed in Poland and is set to go on sale in UK within a few years.智能垃圾桶能够全自动把垃圾依照重复使用品类进行归类。现阶段此项发明人已经芬兰进行试运行,预估两年内就不容易转到美国销售市场。The bin, designed by start-up company Bin.E, recognizes different type of waste via a system positioned inside the bin which uses sensors, image recognition and artificial intelligence.这个垃圾桶是由一家起名叫Bin.E的新成立公司设计方案的。

垃圾桶的内嵌系统软件能够应用感应器、图型识别和人工智能技术等高新科技来辨别各有不同种类的垃圾。Once waste is placed inside, the camera and sensors identify its type and place it in one of the smaller bins. Then it compresses the waste so it occupies less space.当垃圾被放进后,监控摄像头和感应器就能识别垃圾的种类,把垃圾放进适度的小垃圾桶,随后可将垃圾进行传送以提升其所占到室内空间。News of the launch comes after this newspaper revealed that more than a million households are being forced to accept bin collections every three or four weeks, because councils are trying to force them to recycle more.这个垃圾桶发布以前,曾有报道称作因议院期待本地家中能能够更好地重复使用垃圾,有高达一百万家中的垃圾间距三到四周才搜集处理一次。

Data compiled by The Telegraph has revealed at least 18 councils have moved or will shortly be moving to three-weekly rubbish collections, while a further three have adopted or are trialing four-weekly collections.《每日电讯报》搜集的数据信息说明,至少18个地域早就执行或即将执行每三周搜集一次垃圾,3个地域乃至早就在执行或实验每四周搜集一次垃圾了。While reducing general bin collections councils are increasing the frequency of recycling collections in a bid to change peoples behaviour.尽管一般垃圾搜集的频次提升了,但各地区议院降低了重复使用再次运用垃圾的搜集频次,务求变化住户的环境保护习惯性。It is thought that the bin could be stocked by department stores such as John Lewis, which said it is introducing new hi-tech recycling bins to satisfy increasing customer appetite for them.听说,罗伯特?瓦塞尔等百货商店已经充分考虑用以这款垃圾桶。

罗伯特?瓦塞尔曾透露已经引入一款新式的新科技重复使用垃圾桶,以合乎日益突出的市场的需求要求。Matt Thomas, utility buyer at John Lewis, said: We’ve recently seen a jump in specialist bins sales, with a 25 percent increase in the last few months alone. We have noticed our customers are becoming more and more sustainability focused, opting for dual compartment recycling bins that make it far easier to recycle different types of waste.罗伯特?瓦塞尔家庭装设备业务员塞特?托马斯火车讲到:“在短短的几个月里,大家的重复使用专用型垃圾桶的销售量就大幅持续增长了25%。大家寻找,消费者们更为偏重于可持续发展观了,她们都是会随意选择双格重复使用垃圾桶,便于于重复使用各种各样垃圾。”In response to this demand, we are really excited to introduce a new voice and sensor activated smart bin this autumn/winter season – designed to use innovative technology to make recycling more efficient and functional for the everyday home.“为了更好地合乎这类市场的需求,大家不容易在冬季引入一款装有语音控制感应器的新式智能垃圾桶,大家答复充满著期待。

这款垃圾桶应用智能科技,能使平时的家中垃圾归类更加高效率和简易。”Bin.Es official release on the market will take place in 2018, however at first only a larger version designed for offices will be available.Bin.E将在2018月开售这款商品,但在前期不可以选购为办公场地设计方案的扩大版垃圾桶。

The office bin will retail at £430 while corporate customers will need to pay a £107 subscription fee for an accompanying smartphone app, which hooks them up with collection services.办公室用垃圾桶的零售价将为430欧元,售卖的企业也要为设备的手机应用程序于交纳107欧元的购置花费,便于与垃圾搜集服务点联络。A spokesman at Bin.E said the home version of the bin will be cheaper and will not include a monthly payment.Bin.E的一个新闻发言人答复,家用版垃圾桶不容易更为便宜,也须每个月交纳花费。They added: After the office version, we plan to create an outdoor version and later the home version. We decided to go for the outdoor version for public areas first because it is more difficult to organize an efficient waste segregating system than in our homes.Bin.E补充道:“大家方案在办公室版垃圾桶发售后产品研发室外版,接着是家用版。